Feature Highlights


  • Fully written in C# and jQuery, fully localizable.
  • Works on various kinds of websites like churchs, mesuems, libraries, stadiums...
  • Mobile friendlyand fully responsive, please use it with a responsive skin.
  • SEO friendly, for example, pagination are disabled and radio boxes are replaced to hyper links for web crawlers.
  • Support DNN's iSearchable interface. Events can be searched by DNN search module.
  • Support DNN's iPortable interface. You can easily export a Flex Events module instance and restore it somewhere else.
  • Flex Events also has its a dedicated search module, which allows you to search events more efficiently.
  • Search events with auto completion.
  • Supports DNN's iPortable interface, module settings, events, related logos and files, can all be exported and restored somewhere else.
  • A menu bar display on top side allows you to easily navigate through all management pages.
  • Template driven, you can customize the event list template to change its appearance, or alter email template to change the email Flex Events send out.
  • Flex Events comes with a free extension, PortalSkinHelper. This extension forces DotNetNuke to use the portal skin, instead of the edit skin, on any Flex Events pages. You can even use this extension to serve same purposes for any other DNN modules.
  • Friendly URL. The URL to view each event can be replaced by a friendly version like this:

Locations and Categories

  • Support unlimited loations and categories in each module instance.
  • The sort orders of Locationn and categories can be easily adjusted by mouse drag-n-drop.
  • Site visitors can search events by locations and categories.
  • An event can be assigned to one loation but many categories.
  • Use Google Maps auto completion to easily find a location.
  • Time zone will be automatically idenfiedwhen add a location, loations in a module can have different time zones.
  • The map of the location is displayed when view an event.
  • Each category can be assigned a theme color, the color will be displayed in the category selection area.

Events Management

  • You can create unlimited slideshows in each module instance, and assign a slideshow to an event.. A responsive slider will be displayed on the event detail page.
  • You can define unlimited custom fields for events. Custom fields are extra fields of data you wish to enter and display for your events.
  • Flex Events allows you to create one-time events and recurring events.
  • Each event can be linked to one location and many categories.
  • Flex Events supports featured events, which are displayed with higher priority or icons.
  • An event can last a few hours, a day or a few days.
  • Allows you to recur an event Periodically, Weekly, Monthly or Annually.
  • Automatically identifies the start date of an event, if an event first happens on Thursday, November 27, 2014, Then the Annually recurring pattern allows you to recur this event on same day every November, OR The 4th Thursday of every November.
  • A stop date can be assigned to each recurring event.
  • Blackout datesand special recurring dates (the opposite of Blackout dates) are supported when create recurring events.
  • When create a recurring events, so other products generate a new record for all recurring dates, so you might get a long event list with actual same stuff. Flex Events works in a different way, it only generates a new record for a date when it is about to come in next few months.
  • A event logo can be assigned to every event, event logos can be easily reused by other events and are stored within the unique folder assigned by Flex Events.
  • Automatically archive finished events after a few days.
  • Files can be attahed to an event by HTML 5 Drag-n-drop upload.

Parent-child Calendar

  • You can choose multiple Flex Events module instances as child calendars in the parent module instance.
  • Events published in child calendars will also appear in their parent calendar.
  • Locations and categories defined in parent calendar can be shared in their child calendars
  • Child calendars can also have their own categories and locations.
  • A Flex Events module instance can be used as child calendars in many parent calendars.

Events Booking & Registration

  • You can define unlimited custom fields for bookings. Custom Fields are extra questions you wish to ask when your clients book an event.
  • Booking time window, which determins during what time period an event can be booked, can be set.
  • Minumum occupancycan be set for individual events. If the minumum occupancy is reached when the booking time window closes, the event will be marked pending cancellation.
  • You can cancel an event due to insufficient bookings or other reasons.
  • A complete list of paid customers of specific event can be downloaded in PDF or Excel format.
  • Booking rolescan be set, you can allow event booking only for specefic roles.
  • You can limit maximum occupancy of a booking by number of attendees or number of bookings.
  • Free registrationis possible, you can also charge a flat cost for all bookings regardless to number of attendees, or you can choose to charge by number of attendees.
  • Multiple pricing tierscan be easily defined, sort order of pricing tiers can be adjusted by mouse drag-n-drop.
  • Bulk discountcan be defined with an absolute value or percentage value.
  • Sales taxcan be collected for all users, or only users from a specefic state.
  • Flex Events allows you to accept payment by Paypal, Authorized.Net and Offline payment.
  • Users can find unpaid bookings, modify them, and pay it again with a different payment method.
  • Admin users can search bookings by payment status, and download PDF version of customer list.
  • Attached files can be either public or visible to paid customers only.


  • View permissioncan be used to control which roles can see an event.
  • Add permissioncan be given to DNN roles, which are allowed to add new events.
  • Manage permissioncan be given to DNN roles, which are allowed to manage all events in a module.
  • Permission is validated on all management pages.


  • Flex Events allows you to import from DNN Events. You can easily transfer data of DNN Events from your local database or even a remote database.
  • Flex Events comes with six event list views, including Calendar view, Month view, Grid view, Week views, etc.
  • We are open to add more event list views to Flex Events. If you have any thoughts on this just let us know.
  • You can build a custom event detail page with FXE-EventDetail.
  • The Calendar view and Week view allow you to easily export a calender to iCal format, which can be loaded to Google Calendar, or the calendar app on mobile devices.
  • Visitors can post reviews to events, a Review Need Approval option is available.
  • Facebook and Twitter homepages of event organizers can be displayed along with an event.
  • Visitors can share a event by social share links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...
  • FXE-FreeEventList module allows you to build a short list of upcoming events.
  • FXE-Calendar module allows you to build a tiny calendar with links to see events of these dates.
  • FXE-CrossModuleBrowser module allows you to combine events in many modules and display them together.


Migrate from DNN Events

Menu bar for easy navigation

Custom fields for events and bookings

Image slideshow on event detail page

Customer report in .xlsx format

Theme color for each category

Add Event, basic options

Recurring events,weekly pattern

Recurring events, Monthly pattern

Pricing Tiers and Bulk Discount

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